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Book Study

You are invited to connect and grow with TeachersFirst this summer through participation in our Summer Book Study.

Sign up​: Participation is limited to the first 40 eligible TeachersFirst members who sign up. (See participant eligibility criteria below).

What is a Book Study?​ Typically, a book study group is a collection of individuals who gather together to improve their understanding of a subject through participating in focused discussion. For TeachersFirst, it is a group of our members who wish to dig deeper into an aspect of teaching and learning. The participants are committed to reading and discussing the selected book, guided by the question: "How will this book influence my professional practice?” A book study is a way to do professional learning that you might not have tried before or thought of doing outside of your school. Of course, when trying something new, it’s always great to have some friends along to try it with you!

The Book:​ We will be reading Learning First, Technology Second by Liz Kolb. The book will introduce you to the Triple E Framework for technology evaluation. Using the Triple E Framework, you will be able to create learning experiences that use technology tools to meet stated learning goals. The Source for Learning will reimburse you for the purchase of your eBook. We are limited to 40 participants so sign up soon.

About the TeachersFirst book study:​ Participants will be invited to join our online conversation space hosted in Microsoft Teams. Each week participants will be expected to read a few book chapters, join in a conversation about the chapters read the week before, and complete application exercises. Participants should plan on spending 8 hours a week on the required reading and activities.

Participant eligibility criteria:​ TeachersFirst book studies are a member benefit. In order to participate in the book study you must be a TeachersFirst member (see how to register for FREE membership​) and you must have participated in an OK2Ask webinar between July 1, 2017 and May 31, 2018.


July 9: ​The Summer 2018 Book Study begins

July 10: ​Kick-off webinar at 6PM Eastern Time. We will discuss the organization of the book study and participant expectations.

Throughout July and August: Reading, discussion, and application exercises will continue a few chapters at a time each week with formal discussions ending on August 17. 

August 15: Closing webinar, including a discussion about how our perspectives may have changed.

Participation is limited to the first 40 eligible TeachersFirst members who sign up