TeachersFirst's Elementary School Brain Twisters

Week of May 17, 2017

1.Which pair of fractions is not equivalent?

2.Your grandmother swims 72 lengths of a 25 yard pool every morning. Which distance is the closest equivalent to her daily swim?

3.You are traveling northeast and turn right 90 degrees, then later turn left 45 degrees. Which way are you headed?

4.Lebron is taller than Leo but shorter than Lexi. Louis likes Lexi but won't ask her out because she is taller. Leo laughs at all of them and says shortest is best, and that he proves it! Which two are not shorter than Louis?

5.Pete's dad wants to paint the house. A gallon of paint covers 300 square feet of surface. If the house has 4,600 square feet of surface, how many gallons of paint will Pete's dad need to buy?

6.Which sentence is correct?

7.Who is matched with the wrong century?

8.Which does not have a homophone?

9.Strong sunlight will make a puddle of water...

10.Which is not an adaptation?