TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of March 14, 2018

1.This country spans more time zones than any other

2.Which shares the same type of error as "TeachersFirst," according to your Language Arts teacher?

3.Which of these services do municipal governments NOT typically provide?

4.Which of the following is an acid?

5.Which sentence is correct?

6.Which author is known for tales of Arctic tribulations?

7.Which does not belong?

8.Who is credited with inventing bifocals?

9.If you take the temperature at which degrees F and degrees C are the same, add the number of stars on the US flag during World War II, and multiply by the number of atoms in a molecule of table salt, you get:

10.At a department store, the sales signs say, "Take an additional 20% off." If the original price of an item was $29, and it was first reduced 30%, what is the price today?