TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of July 14, 2018

1.Ben runs a 100-yard dash in 12.5 seconds. Susan runs a 100-meter dash in the same time. Carol runs 50 yards in 7 seconds, and Peter runs 200 yards in 26 seconds. Who runs fastest?

2.Which measures would a sailor be more likely than a carpenter or a farmer to use?

3.The largest single expansion of the United States' territory, it was early in the 19th century:

4.If you traveled on horseback from the home of George Washington to the home of John Adams, you would be most likely to pass near

5.In selecting running-mates for a presidential election, candidates usually consider all of the following except:

6.Which sentence is grammatically correct?

7.Animated is to moribund as

8.How many boxes of six inch tiles will Hector need to buy if to cover a 12 by 15 foot floor if each box holds two dozen?

9.Panda is to koala as...

10.This phenomenon helps some Navy pilots locate an aircraft carrier on a moonless night and some animals find food or a mate: