What’s New in TeachersFirst 3.0?

Cleaner, fresher, faster

  • New technology “behind” the site, making it run briskly and smoothly
  • Clean, crisp new colors and images
  • Quick access from the newly designed home page to our most popular areas
  • Improved organization to help you what you need at a moment’s notice
  • One-click tabs replace slow menus
  • Improved technology functions well on any modern web browser
  • Mobile-browser friendly


  • Search from any page in the site
  • Improved search technology with highlighted keywords in results
  • Refine your search by adding keywords
  • Collapsible resource listings so you can get the gist or read the details with one click-- and less scrolling
  • Icons in reviews indicate content and needed plug-ins
  • Clickable “tags” in reviews to find similar resources
  • Resources open in new tabs/windows (depending on your computer’s settings) so you can pop back the full search result page and compare resources

Designed by Thinking Teachers

  • Tabs organized the way a teacher thinks
  • Professional resources to make your life easier
  • Reformatted TeachersFirst Edge listings to use today’s web 2.0 tools safely
  • TeachersFirst Exclusives—on their own tab to use at a click

Social features

  • Share any resource review, any special topic collection, and TeachersFirst Exclusive content with a click: via email, Twitter, Facebook, or your preferred social bookmarking tool
  • See what other teachers have to say in resource ratings and comments
  • Join (for free) to add your opinions

Improved member features

  • Quicker, easier signup—always FREE
  • Customizable landing page when you log in
  • Remembering recent searches
  • Rating and commenting on resources
  • Improved “public” pages for members to share favorite TeachersFirst resources with students and parents

What TeachersFirst will ALWAYS provide:

  • Free, ad-free access to the very best of the web, written and reviewed by experienced, Thinking Teachers like you
  • Teacher-reviewed resources—over 12,500 and growing daily!
  • Creative classroom ideas across your curriculum
  • A place for you to learn and promote learning
  • A trusted service since 1998 from The Source for Learning, a non-profit learning and technologies corporation. For teachers. For families. For excellence.

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