Webquest 101

Packaging your quest

Finally, you can make your webquest available online for use at school and at home. These tools give you a way to post them online:

Filamentality - a simple “tried and true” tool to make your webquest available to your students online. This site also explains the different activity formats (such as the difference between scavenger hunts and webquests).

Zunal - another FREE tool to make and share your webquest. View already created webquests and then use the online tools available to create your own webquest! This site walks you through step by step to create your own webquest including planning, building, and even publishing your webquest online. 

1,2,3… Your Webquest for Free - this easy to use website helps you literally build each step of your webquest. Choose your title, font, text color, and what information you want to display in the Introduction, Task, Process, etc.

TeAch-nology Webquest Maker – another simple tool creates webquests in 3 quick steps! Choose the heading/title, pictures, and content to be used on your webquest. Click to “Generate Webquest” and you are done!  

Of course there are other tools that are not conventional “webquest makers” that would work perfectly.

  • Why not use a Google Doc for your entire webquest?
  • Create a class wiki or webpage that includes a resources list. If you are not familiar with wikis, check out the TeachersFirst Wiki Walk-Through.  
  • Use an “attention grabbing” tool such as Symbaloo to help color code resources to differentiate or even for your non readers/ESL/ELL students. The possibilities are endless.