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If you still are not sure whether to try infographics with your class, here is a sampling of comments from students engaged in a yearlong 9th grade Biology class where they used infographics to visually explain vocabulary terms and to show major concepts and data from their various studies in Biology.

I really enjoy using technology to make these infographics. I like using cool fonts and graphics to emphasize the vocab.

I think making it our own project and having so many different ideas makes it interesting.

The best part in making infographics was using pictures to help understand everything.  Pictures really help.

The best part of was seeing other people's designs, and the other ways people looked at the material.

I like coming up with the new ideas and finding creative ways to help remember vital information. I like seeing what other people do with their infographics too.

Seeing all the things we learned compiled into one place and seeing how they all relate to each other.

The best thing about the infographics is when I finish it. It is a really good study guide for me. It helps me understand things about the concept better.

Making our infographics makes the vocabulary words easy to remember because you’re working with them so much more often.

The most interesting part is seeing the outcome of it and having others learn from my hard work and effort.

Getting to use my creativity to express what I've learned through a different way than we do in any other class.

The most interesting part of making the infographics is learning how to make them. Infographics are easier to learn from and I am glad we have learned how to make them.
It is a simpler way to study and learn.

The most interesting part of making infographics was turning our boring vocabulary into something you can visually see and yet it helps you learn.

I think that the best part of making infographics is getting to understand the information and make it into a visual form that other people can look at to help them understand, and you can also look at theirs to help you understand.

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