Chapter Three - Writing Activity & Science Activity

Writing Activity

Harry sends letters to Sirius, Hermione, and Ron at the beginning of this chapter because he has heard very little from any of them all summer long. Think of someone you haven't heard from in a long time. It could be a friend, a relative, a teacher, or someone else you used to talk to more often. Write them a letter or e-mail to tell them what you have been doing lately and how you are spending your summer. If, like Harry, there is more than one person you haven't heard from, write more than one letter.

Science Activity

On their flight away from the Dursley's Tonks tells Mad-eye Moody not to fly into the clouds because the group will get soaked.

Elementary Science - Think of as many types of precipitation as you can and draw Harry and the other wizards getting covered in that type of precipitation as they fly through the clouds.

Middle School Science - Draw pictures of Harry and the other wizards flying through each of the different kinds of clouds (e.g. cumulus, cumulonimbus). Label the types of clouds you draw.