Character Quiz for Hamlet - Act I

To understand Hamlet, you need to know who is related to whom. The questions below will check your understanding of the important relationships in the play.

Use the mouse or the TAB key to move from one selection to the next. To start over, hold down the SHIFT key and click "reload" on your browser.

Hint: Since he isn't mentioned explicitly in the play, we'll refer to Hamlet's father as "Old Hamlet."

1. Hamlet's mother is:

2. Hamlet's stepfather is

3. Hamlet's father is

4. Gertrude's first husband was

5. Hamlet's girlfriend is

6. Old Hamlet was killed by

7. Ophelia's brother is

8. Ophelia's father is

9. Gertrude's present husband is

10. Polonius' daughter is

11. Claudius' wife is

12. Laertes' sister is

13. Laertes' father is

14. Claudius' stepson is

15. Old Hamlet's wife was