TeachersFirst's Elementary School Brain Twisters

Week of July 19, 2024

1.These were important to a cat and a boy named Cubbins. (5 points)

2.Mooreland Elementary's new music teacher is featuring percussion instruments in her first class of the year. Which instrument will she leave in the closet? (5 points)

3.Which item from Billy's lunch box is not in one of the four most important food groups? (5 points)

4.Mrs. Smith's bulletin board is 24 inches by 68 inches. How many rolls of border does she need to buy if each roll has 50 inches? (10 points)

5.Mrs. Johnson's class looked up words in the dictionary on the first day of school. Which word did not appear on the page with the guide words "balmy" and "business?" (10 points)

6.Which is closest to 10? (10 points)

7.Carpenter is to saw as: (5 points)

8.Which sentence is correct? (20 points)

9.An artery would not carry blood from (10 points)

10.Which will happen soonest from now? (20 points)