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Last week, most of you voted that the next thing that we should do is to investigate the name of the man on the license. Meri and I have started to run his name through Uncle GT's agency and they are going to let us know what they find. We did a quick search, and nothing came up! So we started to research Canada (since that was the address on the license). We are still in Phoenix, but thanks to technology, we can still learn about places from anywhere in the world!

Here are some neat facts that we learned. English and French are the two main languages of Canada. However, a lot of Vancouver's residents also speak Chinese, German, Spanish, Punjabi, and Tagalog (Filipino). That is so cool that there are so many languages spoken in this area. I wonder how many languages are required for school? The yearly temperature in Vancouver is fairly consistent with the average highs only ranging from 42 degrees in January up to a comfortable 74 degrees in August. That is a lot cooler than our weather in Phoenix. Did you know that Canada doesn't have states like the United States? Instead, they have 10 provinces and 3 territories (I pasted a map at the bottom of this entry, so you can check out Canada). This map includes a map scale and a map legend. A map legend is basically a key to use to understand the map.

     - Geo


Map of Canada
Take a look at the map, can you find Vancouver? Can you find the National Capital? If you are having trouble, it is located in the province of Ontario. Okay, here is another one for you geography experts; can you find the capital of Manitoba? If you guessed Winnipeg you are on the road to Geography stardom - lol.


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Virtual Tour
View this short and engaging tour of Vancouver.

Thursday Later in the Evening

Holy Idaho! We have so much to share in this blog post. We found out that Claude Equator had no criminal record. They are still investigating his work and overall history. But most importantly, we learned that he recently made a credit card purchase... a ticket for a flight and should be boarding literally right now. He is traveling to Chicago, but it isn't a direct flight. He has stops in Las Vegas, Nevada, and in Denver, Colorado. We were so lucky that he paid by a credit card, so now we have a lead.

Geo is currently on his phone trying to call the airlines in Chicago. At this point, he keeps getting directed to the main phone number for the airline, and can't reach the airport. He is trying to speak to an agent in Chicago to alert them that Dewey is stolen property. I will keep you updated, I hope Geo can reach an agent and get Dewey. While Geo is trying to get ahold of the airlines, I am investigating the different locations that Dewey is currently traveling with Claude Equator.

The first stop that the airplane is making is in Las Vegas. Claude Equator does not change planes in Las Vegas. The airplane is just landing for about 30 minutes to pick up additional passengers. It is almost 10 pm, yet Las Vegas is always booming. I found a video to show you what Las Vegas looks like at night, with the lights lit up. Las Vegas is the most populated city in the state of Nevada. Las Vegas is known all around the world as a top tourist attraction offering casinos, wonderful entertainment, and a fun family vacation destination. Las Vegas is actually located in a desert - the Mohave Desert. It is amazing there is such a busy city right in the middle of a desert! It is all thanks to the Hoover Dam (see my picture of the Hoover Dam below). A dam is basically a wall that is built to hold back the water of a creek, stream, or river. A dam may also be used to generate hydroelectric power, for flood control, to provide a water supply to towns and cities, and even to create recreational areas or habitats for wildlife. The Hoover Dam was built during the Great Depression (built 1931-1935) when people were desperate for work and were willing to travel to the canyon near Las Vegas to earn money for their families. These brave people faced extreme heat, choking dust, and dangerous heights - all so that electricity and water could be brought to millions of people across the southwest. Having water available in the middle of the desert made it possible for big cities like Las Vegas to grow there.

Claude Equator also has a layover in Denver. Do you know what a layover means when you are flying? It means that you have to land the airplane for a little while and usually change to another plane. Claude does have to change airplanes in Denver. But since he isn't staying there, Geo is still trying to get ahold of Chicago airport, not Denver. Plus, if Claude is switching planes...so is Dewey! Geo did leave a message, and now he is waiting for one of the gate agents to call him back about live animals and share information about Dewey. Uncle GT text us a photo of Denver (he has an office in that city). You can see the Rocky Mountains just west of Denver. Did you know that the Rocky Mountains stretch from Canada all the way down to New Mexico? One surprising fact that I learned about Denver is that the city has over 300 days of sunshine during the year. Did you know that Denver was nicknamed the Mile-High City? This is because the elevation of the city is exactly a mile (5,280 feet or about 1,609 meters) above the sea. I wonder if there are any cities in the world higher than Denver? I will update our blog once we hear back from Chicago airport agents.

     - Meri

The Hoover Dam

The Rocky Mountains


Even at 10 pm at night, this city is busy and full of lights.


Virtual Reality Tour of the Hoover Dam
Check out this interactive tour of the Hoover Dam.


Today I feel like I hit a brick wall. I have been trying to call the Chicago O'Hare Airport and they finally called me back. It turns out that Claude Equator didn't fly into the Chicago O'Hare Airport. There is a second fairly large airport in Chicago: Chicago Midway International Airport. I should have done better research. Uncle GT told us that he was flying to Chicago and the airline. I assumed he meant Chicago O'Hare Airport and when I reread his text he even told me the abbreviation for the airport was MDW (which is the Midway abbreviation). One thing I learned the hard way today... details matter!

Uncle GT told me to relax and look for other leads. He also told us that Chicago was his childhood hometown. He said one of his favorite places in Chicago was the Sears Tower (one of the most famous buildings in Chicago). It is now referred to as the Willis Tower, but to Uncle GT, he will always call it the Sears Tower. I posted a picture of the tower at the end of this entry; it is the largest building in the picture. Do you see the water in front of all of the buildings? That is Lake Michigan (one of the 5 Great Lakes of America). My favorite thing about Chicago is how the beach (of Lake Michigan) is right downtown. It is so cool to see the Lake with the beautiful skyscrapers in the background. Uncle GT promised to take us to Chicago once we are able to travel.

Uncle GT just called us. He has a lead. Someone from Chicago (O'Hare Airport this time) called Uncle GT and told him that Claude Equator tried to purchase an airline ticket from Chicago to DC. Since Claude Equator's name was now on the government's "wanted" list, he was stopped at the Chicago O'Hare airport. Claude was extremely confused because he was traveling with a dog - but the dog wasn't Dewey (but rather a labradoodle - half Labrador retriever and half poodle). So, we thought we were at a dead end again... but a few minutes later, Uncle GT got a text message from an unknown number.

Text Message to Agent GT: I have Dewey. We r in Mexico - gl finding us. Hehehe. YDKM - Dewey is OK. GGN - Ms. E.

We have to find Ms. E. and Dewey. But where do we begin our investigation? There are three important locations in Mexico for us to investigate: Mexico City, the Caribbean Coast, and the Mayan Ruins on the Yucatan Peninsula. Please help us decide where we should begin our research.

     - Geo

Chicago (Lake Michigan and the Willis/Sears Tower)


Skydeck Chicago Virtual Tour
Learn more about Willis Tower and view the city.

Tell Geo and Meri what to do:

- Should we start researching Mexico City?

- Should we start researching the Caribbean Coast?

- Should we start researching the Yucatan Peninsula?



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