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Money, Money, Money
Count up these books about entrepreneurs, consumer skills, shop-owners, and real people in the world of economics or consumerism. This is a great match for units on money at any level.

Preschool and Picture Books

Miss Fannie's Hat - Jan Karon, (978-0806635262), Fiction
Interest level: 1-2, Lexile: 680
Miss Fanny loves hats but she needs to sell one to help her church.

Early Elementary Books

Pigs Go to Market: Fun with Math and Shopping - Amy Axelrod, (978-0689825538), Fiction
Interest level: 2-4, Lexile: 540
Mrs. Pig uses a free shopping spree as a teaching moment.

Pennies in a Jar - Dori Chaconas, (978-1561454228), Fiction
Interest level: 1-4, Lexile: 690
A young boy is fearful about life as his dad leaves to go overseas, but he finds ways to cope including collecting pennies to buy a birthday present for his father.

Max Malone makes a Million - Charlotte Herman, (978-0805013740), Fiction
Interest level: 2-4, Lexile: 500
Max wants to figure out some schemes so he and his friend can make money quickly like his neighbor.

Beatrice's Goat - Page McBrier, (978-0689824609), Fiction
Interest level: 1-4, Lexile: 640
A Ugandan family receives a goat that helps them to finance their daughter's education.

Upper Elementary to Middle School Books

Tarantula Shoes - Tom Birdseye, (978-0823411795), Fiction
Interest level: 4-7, Lexile: 730
A young boy who has just moved to a new school in Kentucky tries imaginative ways to earn money for a new pair of athletic shoes he feels he needs.

Lunch Money - Andrew Clements, (978-0689866838), Fiction
Interest level: 5-9, Lexile: 840
When Greg comes into conflict with Maura during his latest money-making enterprise, he gradually finds cooperation with her has higher yields.

In Business with Mallory - Laurie Friedman, (978-1575059259), Fiction
Interest level: 5-7, Lexile: 650
Mallory starts several money-making ventures to get the purse she feels she needs.

Owen Foote, Money Man - Stephanie Greene, (978-0618023691), Fiction
Interest level: 3-5, Lexile: 570
Owen needs money so he searches for a good way to come up with a lot fast!

The Pickle Patch Bathtub - Frances Kennedy, (978-1582461120), Fiction
Interest level: 3-8, Lexile: 940
When farm children get to big to bathe in a washtub, they set out to save up to buy a real bathtub from the Sears Catalog by growing cucumbers and making them into pickles to sell.

The Monster Money Book - Loreen Leedy, (978-0823409228), Non-fiction
Interest level: 4-7, Lexile: 440
Members of a money club discuss finance and banking.

Aunt Clara Brown: Official Pioneer - Linda Lowery, (978-1575050454), Non-fiction
Interest level: 4-7, Lexile: 470
This biography of Clara Brown shows how she earns money to help free other slaves.

The Exiles at Home - Hilary McKay, (978-0689506109), Fiction
Interest level: 5-8, Lexile: 780
Sponsorship of a ten-year-old African boy ignites many challenges when four British sisters sign up to support him.

My Rolls and Piles of Coins - Tololwa M. Mollel, (978-0395751862), Fiction
Interest level: 3-6, Lexile: 700
While saving money to buy a bicycle, a young Tanzanian lad learns that it is going to be more difficult than he thought to obtain the bicycle he needs to help his parents in their marketing.

Girls Rule - Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, (978-0385731393), Fiction
Interest level: 6-8, Lexile: 860
Who will win the challenge to make the most money for a strawberry festival, the Malloy girls or the Hatford boys?

Mr. Chickee's Funny Money - Christopher Paul Curtis, (978-0385327725), Fiction
Interest level: 6-9, Lexile: 1010
When two pals come across a quadrillion-dollar bill, they use their wiles to find out who counterfeited it and its picture of James Brown!

Lawn Boy - Gary Paulsen, (978-0385746861), Fiction
Interest level: 5-7, Lexile: 780
An enterprising pre-teen boy, with the help of a neighborhood investment advisor, expands his lawn mower business by adding immigrant employees and learning fast lessons about making BIG money.

Lily and Miss Liberty - Carla Stevens, (978-0590449199), Fiction
Interest level: 4-7, Lexile: 550
A young girl sells items she has made in order to finance the base pedestal for the Statue of Liberty.

Willimena and the Cookie Money - Valerie Wilson Wesley, (978-0786804658), Fiction
Interest level: 3-6, Lexile: 520
Willimena knew she owed the cookie money to the girl scouts, but she also wanted to help the girls down the street who needed lunch money.

Middle School to Young Adult Books

Money: It's our Job - Gerry Bailey, (978-0756516758), Non-fiction
Interest level: 6-10, Lexile: 1050
Find out about job opportunities in the financial industry; information about training and other requirements is also included.

Millions - Frank Cottrell Boyce, (978-0060733308), Fiction
Interest level: 6-9, Lexile: 650
Two brothers feel they must spend the sterling they find after their mother's death, afraid of the upcoming conversion to euros.

She's So Money - Cherry Cheva, (978-0061288555), Fiction
Interest level: 8-12, Lexile: 920
When an ambitious senior girl helps establish a cheating ring in her high school to help her family save their business, she risks her future but vies for the affection of a classmate.

Money Hungry - Sharon Flake, (978-0786805488), Fiction
Interest level: 6-9, Lexile: 650
Teen-aged Raspberry tries to make money to support herself and her mother after having lived on the streets.

The Get Rich Quick Club - Dan Gutman, (978-0060534400), Fiction
Interest level: 5-8, Lexile: 640
Gina and friends form a get-rich quick club during summer vacation in Maine.

Dream Freedom - Sonia Levitin, (978-0152024048), Fiction
Interest level: 7-9, Lexile: 670
Classmates in a California school try to raise money to procure the freedom of Sudanese slaves.