Embed TeachersFirst's Featured Sites on your web site

Great for sharing with teachers in your school

Now you can make the latest TeachersFirst Featured Sites available on your own school or teacher web site each week. Share these great finds with your teaching colleagues and/or parents. A new list of TeachersFirst Featured Sites will appear in this "widget" each Monday. Links to Featured Site reviews open in a new tab so no one will "lose" your page.

To use either version, simply select and copy (Control/command +C) the embed code for either the sidebar or full page version and paste it (Control/command +V) into your web page html code at the location of your choice. This code will work in blogs, wikis, or any web page where you can paste an embed code.

This widget is offered for the use of teachers, edtech coaches, and education professionals ONLY. By using this widget, you agree to give appropriate credit to TeachersFirst (www.teachersfirst.com) as the provider of this free, ad-free content, and you further agree not to use the widget as part of any fee-based or commercial site.

Are you giving a workshop or PD session featuring TeachersFirst? TeachersFirst will provide handout cards and a door prize for qualifying workshops. Make a request here.

Sidebar Version

Full-frame version - requires at least 730 pixels in width