Working with Gifted & Talented Students

Working with a gifted student can be both a joy and a frustration. To understand why, we need to be clear about definitions. A gifted student is one whose intelligence - typically described as an IQ score resulting from one or more tests - is 130 or above. That is, giftedness is a measure of innate ability, not performance. The result is a paradox.



A motivated student who works hard, gets straight "A"s,
and behaves well in class may not be gifted.

A student who doesn't perform well, is disruptive,
and clowns around in class may well be gifted.

This can be frustrating for classroom teachers!

Just as you adapt to the needs of disabled students, working with gifted students can require classroom and curriculum modifications. But the results can be highly rewarding for both teachers and students. These resources should be helpful in identifying and working with gifted students.

How to Spot a Gifted Student - A listing of traits - both positive and negative that gifted students frequently exhibit.

Strategies for Teachers - Ideas, strategies, and resources you can use to ensure that gifted students use their abilities to the fullest.

Web Resources - Our annotated collection of resources dealing with giftedness and gifted education.