Middle East Interactive Activities


Understanding the nuances of the Middle East is a challenge for anyone.

TeachersFirst offers these interactive activities to help students grasp the basic political geography and religious make-up of the region. The activities include some basic facts to acquaint students with historical events, resentments, and alliances in the region. With this foundation, you can move on to meaningful discussions of the many interrelationships in the Middle East and their impact on the world today.

These interactive activities are well-suited for both individual student use and interactive whiteboards.

There are four interactive activities:


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Technical Notes and Requirements:

The Middle East Interactive Activities require the Flash Player plug-in, version 8 or higher. You can download this plug-in for free. Be sure to UNCHECK the box that installs the Google Toolbar—it is not needed! iOS devices (iPads, iTouches) cannot run these Flash activities.


Lesson Ideas for these activities



start lesson ideas Name a Nation Speed Drill Nations & Facts