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Project Instructions - II


Model the instructions while you explain them. Suggest to younger students that mom or dad help, and ask them to write down exactly what you say on each index card. Instead of paper index cards you could have students use SuperNotecard, reviewed here.

1. Use the internet or the library to find out about this person's life. If using the internet for the research have students use a kid-friendly search engine like Kiddle, reviewed here, for their search engine. I have already done that, and I found out many things about Helen Keller's life.

2. On one index card, write three words that describe this person.What are three things we know about Helen Keller? (I write whatever the children respond such as: She was a lady, Helen had high fever when she was little, Helen Keller was born long ago.)

3. On one index card, write what you discover this person had to struggle against to become successful. Some people may have been born in a time when black Americans were slaves or treated badly, some people may have had a disease that made others think they were not smart, some may have been born unable to see or walk, some were women who were born in a time when others believed women couldn't do the same things men did. What did Helen Keller have to struggle against? How did this happen to her? What did she do to be able to talk and read?

4. Write down 3 or 4 things this person accomplished. Use one index card for each accomplishment. What are three things Helen Keller did that are special accomplishments? Record what the students' responses, such as: she learned to speak. She wrote books. She helped other people who couldn't see.

5. Bring all your cards back to school.You should have at least 6 cards:

Card 1 - Card with the person's name
Card 2 - three words that describe this person
Card 3 - describe the struggle he/she had to overcome
Cards 4,5,6 - describe his/her accomplishments (more cards are optional)


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