OK2Ask® Technology Comfort Levels

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Please read the technology comfort level descriptions below to see whether you feel comfortable with the capabilities described. We suggest these levels to be fair to all who attend OK2Ask® sessions.

If you sign up for a session that is above your comfort level, you may have difficulty keeping up or trying specific skills demonstrated in the session. Please plan to watch the archived recording after the session to catch up on things you missed.

 A beginner can:

  • Save, name, and locate a saved file on your computer
  • Create a bookmark or favorite in your Internet browser on your computer (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, or other)
  • Open and use more than one browser tab - and go back and forth between them
  • Join a web site with email verification
  • Find email that was sent to SPAM or Junk mail in your email program
  • Type in a chat tool
  • COPY and PASTE a word, sentence, or passage of text (preferably use Control+C and Control+V or RIGHT-click to do this)

An intermediate user can:

  • Find and upload files from your computer
  • Download files - including finding them after download
  • Download and install a plug in or simple program update
  • Find and copy URLs for web-based images
  • Recognize file types (jpg, doc ,xls, etc)
  • Have/manage passwords and accounts on multiple tools, such as twitter, google docs, multiple web tools


An advanced user can:

  • Copy and use embed codes in a web page, blog, or wiki
  • Manage more than one email account, such as Gmail with subaccounts
  • Problem solve through simple technology challenges and tools 
  • Navigate or "play" to figure out a new tool without explicit directions  
  • Understand some tech terminology or "geek-speak"-- or can find out what it means!
  • Use or explain about RSS feeds, Twitter, and/or other social networking tools
  • Convert file types
  • Show some knowledge of html (helpful, not required)