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Curipod - Curipod AS

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Curipod creates interactive lessons using AI (artificial intelligence) technology. Tasks include features for making word clouds, adding polls, questions, and more. Visit the Discover...more
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Curipod creates interactive lessons using AI (artificial intelligence) technology. Tasks include features for making word clouds, adding polls, questions, and more. Visit the Discover link to browse through ready-to-use templates or create an account, then copy and edit a lesson using a template or build one in just a few seconds using your prompt and instructions. When creating a new lesson, start with a blank slide or use templates that include a brain break, exit ticket, multiple choice, or complete lesson. The brain break generators include several stress-free tasks, such as Would You Rather questions, and fun writing and drawing prompts. To create new tasks, add a topic and include standards if desired. Another option allows you to import PowerPoint presentations and PDFs when creating new activities. When ready, share lessons with students using the provided QR code or the join code for students to access at curi.live. View statistics in your dashboard, including the number of times played and player results. Free accounts currently include unlimited players, five private Curipods, a shared workspace, and all core features.

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In the Classroom

Use Curipod as a starting point for creating lessons and student activities, then modify the content to fit your curriculum and students' abilities and needs. The Brain Break activities are an excellent starting point for using Curipod in your classroom. Select an activity from the Brain Break options, then choose a grade level and follow the prompts to share a short mental break with your students. Copy and paste standards when creating a lesson as a starting point to add content for the lesson. When using any AI technology, verify the information provided is accurate before sharing it with students. Use Curripod as a flipped or blended learning activity, share the join code with students, and ask them to complete the activities within a designated period before reviewing together as a class. Easily modify any template to differentiate instruction for different groups of students. For example, when introducing decimals, provide a basic introduction with vocabulary and instructional content to one group of students but add more challenging content, such as adding decimals for students already familiar with this topic. Coordinate with other teachers to create cross-curricular activities or when planning units together.

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