Martin Luther King - An Integrated Lesson Unit for Primary Classrooms

This unit offers three lessons for primary classrooms:

"Listening to a Vision" exposes students to the words and writings of Dr. King, and offers them an opportunity to reflect on his work at an appropriate level.

"Listening to a Vision" - K-2 version

"Listening to a Vision" - 3rd grade version

"Listening to a Vision" - 4th grade version

"Breaking Color Barriers" is a science lesson that asks students to use the scientific method to illustrate that, while things may appear different on the outside, they're the same on the inside.

Breaking Color Barriers - K-2 version

Breaking Color Barriers - 3rd & 4th grade version

"The Mathematical Montgomery Bus" offers students a chance to count passengers and fill a Montgomery bus.

Mathematical Montgomery Bus - K-2 version.

Mathematical Montgomery Bus - 3-4 version.


They Had a Dream Too - This related research project may be used as a culminating activity for this unit, or as an independent unit.